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What Are Asian Fit Sunglasses And How Do They Work?

Sometimes the phrase Asian fit will pop up when you search for sunglasses or other types of eyewear. It is a called "Asian Fit" because it's a certain style that we will explain more in detail below.


What does Asian Fit actually mean?

It's not (entirely), a marketing gimmick. It is not based on the location of a pair sunglasses. There is a significant difference in specs between traditional European Fit frames and Asian Fit frames. Oakley isn’t the only manufacturer of sunglasses that uses this term, though it may be the most widely used. It is not true that sunglasses can be bought in one size. The eyewear industry recognizes that there are different styles for certain ethnicities. For example, frames that fit Asians will have a distinct facial structure than those that fit Europeans.

It is clear that Asian Fit frames are designed for people with smaller nose bridges and deeper cheeks. These people find that traditional frames can slide down their noses and rest against their cheeks making it uncomfortable. These facial features are common in Asians, which is why the eyewear industry sometimes uses the controversial name "Asian Eyewear".


The frame will determine how this is done. This could include flattening or narrowing the frame, enlarging or decreasing the nose bridge, adding or subtracting nose pads, changing the lens rake or altering curvature of stems. These changes are subtle enough to improve the function of frames, but not to alter the style or look of the frames. Most people wouldn't notice a difference at first glance.

This modification is different for each frame style. It's important that you note the impact of this on lens replacement. 

The size of the lenses may vary depending on how the frame was modified.

Half frames like Flak Jacket or Half Jacket can use the same lens. For your Half Jacket AF frames, you don't need to use "Asian Fit" lenses. These lenses may be sold as "such and so lenses for Half Jacket Asian Fit", simply because it is easier to add that extra than trying to explain that they are interchangeable.

However, this is not true for all frame styles. Our friendly customer service team will help you determine if your Asian Fit frames are compatible with the traditional lenses. Please include the SKU number located in the temple. It usually looks like this on Oakleys: 03-609, OO9223-03.