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What Are Gradient Sunglasses - Ultimate Guide

When it comes to the health of your eyes, no effort is too big. That’s why you spend so much time researching for polarized lenses. Or why you’re trying to find out how else you can enhance the protection of your sunglasses. After all, overexposure will tire your eye. And should you endure it in the long run, cataracts or, worse, macular degeneration, could be right around the corner.

Long story short, you want to avoid eye damage as much as possible. You want the best protection. But you want to feel good about your sunglasses, too. Quality is not as attractive as a pair of good-looking sunglasses. Which is why you want your polarized sunglasses to be truly fashionable.

Luckily, you have all the chances to get exactly what you want, if you go for a pair of gradient polarized sunglasses. Haven’t heard about it, so far? Sit tight, because things are about to change. For now, we’ll take it one step at a time.


What you need to know about gradient lenses

Gradient lenses are tinted lenses. Still, these are not the ordinary layer of paint you might try picturing. Like their name suggests, gradient lenses have a gradual color. They are strategically darker at the top, where would normally enter the highest amount of light. And lighter at the bottom, with a slow gradient throughout these two points.

Classic gradient lenses typically display muted shades of browns, purples, and smoky blacks. It’s a vivid final shade that you can hardly imagine by just reading about it. You’ll have to see it, so you can get an accurate image. And you’ll be pleased to find out that you can get various main colors to play with.

If you have to choose, you’ll probably want to know that the brown gradient lenses are the most effective in blocking the blue light. But don’t ignore the green, yellow, or pink models either! To top it off, there’s also the option of half-tinted, half-clear lenses!

A splash of color can have a magical effect on your look. It helps you get more protection for your eyes while still being able to reflect your style. And if big fashion houses like Chanel used it to create sophisticated looks in a jiffy, you can certainly apply the same strategy effortlessly, too.


What you need to know about polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are created to absorb most of the horizontal light waves. The vertical light waves being allowed to pass through the lens, it actually forces the light to travel in a single direction. That’s how glare is significantly reduced.

When you deal with less glare, you’re looking at less bright light. The benefits are numerous. From a clearer, sharper vision, to reduced eye strain and a deeper perception, you’ll notice a ton of positive changes in an instant.

While sport players particularly appreciate and use polarized lenses, anyone can make good use of it. Whether you love fishing or you spend your days out in the city, among lots of shiny glassy buildings, polarized lenses can be your best friend.


When the two of them meet: polarized gradient sunglasses

Needless to say, a combo of these two types of lenses will give you a combo of all their benefits. You basically get the best of what each of these worlds has to offer. You can drive safely, feel more comfortable outdoor, forget about eye strain, and simply enjoy your life more. With a pair of gradient polarized sunglasses, your everyday experiences will change to the point you’ll no longer see yourself not wearing them!