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What Are Mirrored Sunglasses Lenses? - Ultimate Guide

As more and more people are starting to buy mirrored sunglasses, the interest in this particular model is on the rise. You’ve probably heard it by now that they protect your eyes better, but you want to know more on how they do it? Keep reading!

Mirrored lenses are built as a one-way mirror, with multiple layers that embed UV protection. They reflect most of the light that comes to the lenses. And because of that, they offer you more brightness, without the extra strain.


Why should you, too, consider getting mirrored lenses?

Knowing what mirrored sunglasses are is one thing. Getting a full grasp of the benefits of wearing them, on the other hand, is a different story. To help you get the whole picture, we’d like to continue detailing on this part – the benefits of mirrored lenses. To name just some of the most popular reasons, we’d have to say that:

  • They come with UV protection – most mirrored sunglasses not only incorporate UV protection, but they walk the extra mile and ensure up to 100% UV protection.
  • They reduce glare and fatigue – since they block the sun rays from getting to your eyes and reflect them back, they reduce the glare and eliminate the strain from the eyes sensitive to light.
  • They provide enhanced privacy – due to their one-way mirror, people can’t see the eyes of the one who’s wearing them. You can perfectly see through their lenses, but no one can see you back.
  • They make a durable choice – typically, mirrored sunglasses feature lenses made of multiple layers, with anti-reflective coating and even other protective coatings. This makes them stronger and less prone to scratches.


Who would enjoy the most benefits out of these mirrored lenses?

Whether you spend time on open water, snow, or at high-altitude, in any highly-reflective environment, mirrored sunglasses are a real blessing! The same applies if you prefer to stay anonymous or to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

From athletes who need to perform in demanding weather conditions to drivers and literally anyone who spends hours outside, mirrored sunglasses are the best choice. They offer effective protection and they are more resistant to scratches, compared to other types of lenses.

Make sure you take them into account the next time you’ll be shopping for sunglasses or eyeglasses.