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What Are The Differences Between Oakley M Frame Lenses?

You now have an Oakley M frame

It's a great choice! This is a sporty frame with many lenses that can be customized. It can sometimes be overwhelming, and even downright confusing, to have so many options. Don't worry, I will break it down for you.


What M Frame do you have?

Oakley began producing M Frames in 1999 and nine out of ten people have the latest generation. They really mean "What M Frame do you have?" when they ask, "What lenses are in your M Frame?" Okay, I did it. I am certain I have the M Frame Sweep.

My friend, I'm going to blow your mind. You have the "M Frame Sweep", which is actually an M Frame with a Sweep lens.

A Strike, Hybrid or Heater could be installed and all would fit. There is no difference in the M Frames, only the style of the lens. All lenses can be interchangeable within your M Frame. Your options just quintupled, you're welcome!


I get it. I have M frames and I am ready to choose my lens.

There are many options, so let's have a look at them all.



This style lens provides the best coverage of all Oakley M Frame lenses. The lens's lower edges are characterized by large wings, and it has a fluid and curvy shape.



This lens is a combination of the Strike and Heater lenses. The Strike has straight bottom lines and the Heaters have curved sides.



This lens does not have wings that wrap around its sides like the Heater, and instead has an angular, block-like shape.



This lens is the smallest of all the bunch. It has angular, pointed edges that extend longer than the Strike but are not as long as those of the Heater.