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What Are The Differences Between Oakley Sliver Lenses?

Oakley saw a need for lightweight, sleek frames that weren't too different from the traditional sports frames like the Frogskins and Holbrook. The Sliver F, the first installment in the Sliver series is a lifestyle frame made with lightness and portability in mind.


Sliver F

The Sliver F, or Sliver Foldable, was Oakley's first frame to fold half-way down temples. It featured spring-loaded hinges that allow for easy movement of the arms. These frames are ideal for compact travel.

This model came with a metal vault case that was custom made to fit the Sliver F. It is also small enough to fit in a pocket.

Oakley's NanOmatter nylon-based material makes the frames 30% lighter than traditional Oakley frames. This technology uses higher temperatures and greater pressure in the injection molding process.

To reduce weight, Oakley made cutouts at the back of the arms and bridge to trim the weight. This Oakley frame style weighed in at 24g. These cut-outs were transferred to the next models of Sliver, giving it its signature skeletal look.


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Now, fast forward to February 2015. The Sliver F frame was created in response to some requests.

The Sliver F and Sliver F look almost identical. However, the Slivers don't have the iconic foldable arms that the Sliver F has.

Sliver R

Two more Sliver models were released in April 2016. The Sliver R, or Sliver Rounded, is the tallest model in the Sliver family. It features lenses with a rounded bottom that give the lens a curvy and smooth look.

These frames usually have the SKU number prefaced by an "R". This is because the Sliver frame's iterations only have "Sliver" at the temple. You can only identify which frame you have by its SKU number.


Sliver XL

In April 2016, the Sliver XL was added to the Sliver range. This is an "extra large" version of the Sliver, which means that they don't have the largest lenses among all the Slivers. The Sliver Round still holds this title. These frames are the same shape as the Sliver, but they are just a little taller. A larger lens height allows for a better fit and a wider field of vision.

You can only tell which version you have if you don't own a pair Slivers to compare with the Sliver XLs. These frames have a SKU number prefaced by an "XL".


Sliver Edge

The distinguished member of Sliver's family, this semi-rimless, smooth-curvature wig provides coverage around your periphery. The sleek styling is enhanced by the lateral contour. The model can be used alone without the partial frame, so it's easy to identify its distinctive look.

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Sliver Stealth

The Stealth is a sleek Sliver eyewear design with an enhanced side-to-side curvature and a newer fit. This makes it a great fit for small faces. The Stealth's primary difference is its shorter height. This can make it a favorite look for those who prefer a more subtle frame from the Sliver collection.


Except for the Sliver F, which is made with NanOmatter all frames in the Sliver range are made with O-Matter. The Three-Point Fit hold eliminates pressure points and assures perfect optical alignment.