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Where To Sell Designer Sunglasses- Ultimate Guide

Selling sunglasses isn’t necessarily hard. Still, getting the most out of the sales process is a different story! Do you have a pair of designer sunglasses and looking to sell them for the best possible profit? There are two things you need to do.

First, you’ll have to team up with a reliable partner, like us! We’ll help you easily connect to loads of local shops, where you can sell or pawn your sunglasses.

Now that you’ve saved yourself precious time, you can use it to do the second thing you must do – prepare your sunglasses so you can sell them for the most money!

Today, we’re going to show you two simple, sure-fire ways to maximize the success of your sale. You deserve to get the most money from your designer sunglasses. Here is how to achieve just that!


The two most effective ways to successfully sell or pawn your designer sunglasses:

The secret is in making the buyer realize that he’s getting more value from your sunglasses than he’d get from another seller. For this purpose, you want to:


  1. Make your sunglasses look impeccable – clean them well!

There’s nothing less attractive than a pair of dirty sunglasses. Chances are that, if they shine, they’ll look less used, and you’ll be able to get a higher offer from the pawnbroker.

Also, when the glasses are clean, you don’t risk having the evaluator distracted. Looking at an impeccable pair of designer sunglasses will make any potential buyer more interested, too.


  1. Bring a little extra to the table – include the pouch or the case, too!

Many people sell designer sunglasses but few will sell a whole package. The more you can offer, the more you can ask for it. And it’s not like you need to keep the pouch or the case. When you’ll get yourself a new pair, it will most likely come in its own case.

So, go ahead and entice buyers by showing them you’re giving extra value. Throwing in the pouch bag along with any papers that came with the glasses will help you get a higher cash offer.