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Where To Send Ray Ban Sunglasses For Repair

Ah, Ray-Ban sunglasses—iconic, stylish, and utterly indispensable when you're out and about under the blaring sun. They’re like the peanut butter to your jelly, the yin to your yang, get the point. But what happens when your beloved shades get a scratch, a loose screw, or worse? Yikes! It's like watching your favorite band break up. But don't fret, my fellow sunglass aficionado; I’ve got you covered. Stick around, and I’ll unravel the mystery of where to send those Ray-Bans for repair.


The State of Your Ray-Bans: Assessing the Damage

Before you send your sunnies off, you need to figure out what’s wrong. Is it a small issue like a missing screw, or is it more like the zombie apocalypse on your frames? Here's how to get down to brass tacks.


Minor Repairs: The DIY Route

  • Screws: If it’s a loose or missing screw, you could simply tighten it up with a mini screwdriver. You can find Ray Ban screws here.
  • Nose Pads: Replacing these can also be a DIY task. You can find Ray Ban nose pads here.


Major Repairs: Send Them Off

If it’s something like a broken lens or frame, you probably want the experts to handle it. Wouldn't want to turn your Ray-Bans into Frankenstein's monster, would we?


Okay, But Where Do I Send Them?

That's the million-dollar question, isn't it? You’ve got a couple of options.


Official Ray-Ban Repair Service

Sending your sunglasses to the Ray-Ban repair center is like sending your pet to a five-star pet hotel—they'll be in good hands. This is the safest bet for warranty-covered fixes.


  • Quality Assurance: It’s the official service, after all.
  • Warranty Coverage: If your sunglasses are still under warranty, some repairs might be free.



  • Pricey: If you’re out of warranty, brace your wallet.
  • Longer Wait Times: High quality sometimes means longer waits. Patience is a virtue?


Local Opticians or Repair Shops

You might have a local hero, an optician or a specialized repair shop that can fix up your Ray-Bans in no time.



  • Speed: Faster than a speeding bullet...okay, maybe not, but certainly quicker than sending them away.
  • Affordability: Usually less expensive than the official route.



  • Quality: It’s a bit of a wild card; results can vary.
  • Warranty: Local repairs may void your warranty. Tread carefully!


How to Choose Between the Two?

Choosing between official and local repair services is like choosing between cake and pie; both have their merits. If your sunglasses are under warranty, the official service is a no-brainer. If not, weigh the pros and cons.


Ask Yourself:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • How long can you wait?
  • How much do you trust your local service providers?


Online Reviews Are Your Bestie

Like going on a first date, you want to know what you’re getting into. Look at reviews, ask friends, or consult social media.


What’s the Process for Official Ray-Ban Repairs?

Step 1: Register Your Product

If you haven’t already, register your Ray-Bans on their official website.

Step 2: Contact Customer Service

Use their contact form or hotline to get in touch. You'll get instructions on what to do next.

Step 3: Ship Them Off

Package your shades securely and send them off to the address provided.

Step 4: Tracking and Updates

You’ll get updates via email about the status of your repair.


What About the Process for Local Repairs?

In-Person Visit

Swing by your chosen local shop for an estimate.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

After an assessment, you'll leave your Ray-Bans and pick them up once they're good as new.


DIY Fixes: When It's Enough

Sometimes, a simple fix is all you need. YouTube can be a great resource for minor adjustments and fixes. Don't underestimate the power of a little DIY action!


Tools You'll Need


Online Tutorials

Search YouTube or other platforms for how-to guides. You’d be amazed at what you can fix yourself.


The Cost Factor: Preparing Your Wallet

We all know repairs can be a pinch on the pocket, especially for high-end sunglasses like Ray-Bans. Prices can range from a mere $10 for a minor screw replacement to a couple of hundred dollars for a lens or frame replacement. Prepare accordingly!


What if I Can’t Get My Exact Model Fixed?

Frame Discontinuation

If your frame model has been discontinued, you might not be able to get the exact same one repaired. In such cases, Ray-Ban might offer a discount on a new pair.

Local Shops to the Rescue

Some local shops specialize in rare or discontinued models. It’s like finding a vintage shop that has that retro band tee you’ve been searching for!


Now, Go Get Those Ray-Bans Fixed!

You now have a roadmap for getting your Ray-Bans back to their dazzling best. Whether you opt for the official route or go local, the important thing is to get those babies fixed and back on your face where they belong. Happy repairing!