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Which Glasses Make You Look Younger

Do you have the same glasses for decades now? You may be getting old if you have the same glasses for decades.

You will likely need glasses as you age, but you don't have to give up on stylish eyewear that makes you look younger. Are you ready to update your glasses with frames that bring out your youthful enthusiasm? Here are some tips to get you started.


Keep it simple

Black looks great with any hair color. Black frames complement grey hair best, in fact.

Tortoiseshell is a classic frame that many people consider to be a classic. These glasses are timeless because they always look great. If you aren't sure which way to go, choose an enduring classic. They're popular with all ages, so they feel like an ageless choice for anyone who wants to feel younger.


Boldly go!

Are you ready to make a bold statement without a traditional frame? Bold.

Chunky black frames can make men look younger. Although it may seem counterintuitive to wear thicker or larger frames as you get older, they are actually very eye-catching.

Bold glasses can seem stark against your face but large lenses can make you appear younger. Large frames can distract from imperfections that you want to conceal. Also, glasses that make you appear younger tend to be bolder in color and thicker in construction. The bolder, more daring style of chunky glasses is a sign that you are younger.


Are you looking for blue?

Blue frames are a bolder option for glasses. They will give you a younger look and make your blue eyes pop. These frames can also be used to highlight and enhance the eyes with makeup. If you choose to wear colored frames, make sure that it matches your skin tone.

Blue may not seem like an adventurous color, but confidence worn boldly will make you look younger.


Get in shape

While your face shape and size should be the same, certain frames are flattering for people who are looking to get younger. A downward-sloping frame like the aviator-style can give the illusion of sagging skin. If you want to look younger, you don't want looser cheekbones.

You'll need upswept glasses. Frames with a cat-eye shape , or upper half-rimmed frames, create the illusion of lifted cheekbones. These glasses can lift your face and make you look younger.


Avoid the rimless, go transparent

Although rimless glasses look great, they are not very strong and can't cover wrinkles. They are discreetly designed and appear clinical. They can look aging because they lack color, shape and presence.

Clear frames are a modern alternative to traditional rimless frames. Clear frames offer a minimalistic style that won't make you look old.

Transparent frames with colored lenses can brighten your face and give you a fashionable look. A blush transparent frame can be used to add warmth to your face. These frames can be brightened and added warmth to the skin.