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Why Do Blind People Wear Sunglasses?

If you’re fortunate enough to have a good, healthy vision, you may be unaware of why blind people wear sunglasses. And truthfully, it may seem a bit intriguing to notice someone who can’t see actually wearing sunglasses. But only until you get to know their situation.

As it turns out, there are different reasons why blind people wear sunglasses. Some of them relate to the nature of their visual impairment. While others are more related to their vulnerabilities.

From the need to protect or to increase vision to protect themselves and avoid awkward social situations, blind people actually have a lot of reasons to wear sunglasses. Here’s what we mean:


“Blind” may not only mean complete vision loss

There are severe visual impairments, nearly complete vision losses, and complete vision losses. Some people have tunnel vision, which means they can see through a very narrow field. Others can notice shapes and figures, provided that the environment is not too bright.

Consequently, they wear sunglasses to increase their vision. To some of them, sunglasses help focusing the vision. To others, it reduces glare to a minimum.

Next time you see someone who seems to be blind, remember that he or she may still see something, under minimum glare. Do your best to stay in the shade while approaching them.


Visual problems make them more vulnerable

Needless to say, people who can’t rely on their sight are vulnerable to anything that surrounds them. To these persons, simple gestures like moving their head when tree leaves are falling or a burst of dust suddenly raises are quite challenging. So, it only makes sense for them to keep the sunglasses on, as an extra shield.

This shield can also protect them against the UV rays. For someone with deteriorating vision, taking all the precaution measures to keep harmful radiation away is even more important.


Sunglasses may hide visual scars and prevent soul scars

Facial disfiguration around the eyes is common among some blind people. On the one hand, they wouldn’t feel comfortable being seen by others like that. Hiding those scars is important to them. On the other hand, other people may either feel uncomfortable seeing their scars, or have the wrong reaction that would make the impaired person feel even more uncomfortable.

Suffices to say that when facial disfiguration is kept private behind sunglasses, things are easier for everyone. Sunglasses help blind people have less awkward social interactions.