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How To Clean Cloudy Eyeglasses - Ultimate Guide

Eyeglasses must be perfectly clean in order to protect your vision. Wearing dirty lenses will not only reduce your ability to see through it, but also put even more, unnecessary strain on your eyes. Still, knowing that you need to clean your cloudy eyeglasses is one thing and choosing the best way to do it is a different thing.


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Hopefully, you won’t have to learn the hard way that using the wrong cleaning tools will only cause more harm. Lenses with special coating may not tolerate dish soap. And plastic lenses are more prone to scratches when your regularly use abrasive materials like paper towels.

With so many restrictions, it may be tempting to ignore your foggy eyeglasses. Don’t do it! Instead, follow these simple steps and you’re guaranteed to have clean eyeglasses with minimum effort, in no time!


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Here’s how to clean hazy eyeglasses:

  • First, go to the bathroom and wet the lenses with warm water – simply letting the water run on it is enough; at this stage, you merely want to quickly remove any debris that might have otherwise scratched your lenses during one of the next steps;
  • Then, grab them by the nose bridge and spray them with eyeglass cleaner – you’re doing it this way to avoid leaving fingerprints on the lenses and make sure that the entire surface of the lens will get enough spray on it;
  • Continue with a lint-free cloth, rubbing the cleaner into the lens – insist on the lenses, but don’t forget to wipe the frame, too; otherwise, the particles remaining on the frame can easily fall back on the lenses;
  • Finally, give your eyeglasses another rinse and dry them – you’re doing this to clean off the solution and make sure there’s no smudge left on the lenses; use a dry, lint-free, clean cloth for this last part.


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