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How To Clean Polarized Sunglasses - Ultimate Guide

Polarized sunglasses come with lots of benefits. But you can only enjoy them as long as you keep your sunglasses in perfect condition. The glasses with polarized lenses, especially the ones with mirrored lenses, actually come with specific care and maintenance guidelines.

If you know little about this type of sunglasses, you’ll want to first check our article on the benefits of wearing polarized lenses. Otherwise, feel free to read on about how to clean your polarized sunglasses and, equally important, how to store them properly.


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3 things you must do to clean your polarized sunglasses:

  1. Try a microfiber cloth for common stains
  2. Use a special lens cleaner for the heavy-duty stains
  3. Always rinse them well with warm water


Reputable manufacturers ship their floating sunglasses with a microfiber pouch in the package. This is the best material you can use to clean regular stains like fingerprints or thin smudges. Of course, you’ll need to keep that cloth clean, too, and you can throw it in the washing machine regularly, without a problem. Just avoid the harsh chemicals when washing that cloth, and it should stay in good shape.

Otherwise, refrain as much as you can from using your clothes to clean the polarized lenses. Some sportswear may contain silver within their fabric strains, which is highly abrasive and can scratch your polarized lenses before you know it!

If the stains are more serious and the cloth can’t handle it, consider a dedicated lens cleaner. Pick an alcohol-free, 5.5 – 8 pH cleaner and it should work wonders. For special lenses, whether polarized, with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-fog or mirrored, it’s essential that you avoid chemical cleansers!

As a third rule, try make yourself a habit of rinsing the lenses with clean warm water, especially if you’ve spent some time outdoor, at the beach.


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3 things you must do to keep your polarized sunglasses protected:

  1. Always store them in a dedicated case or pouch
  2. Don’t leave them in places with high heat
  3. Don’t let salt water sit on their lenses


Just like the microfiber cloth, the case or the pouch is a typical accessory that comes with your polarized sunglasses. Make use of it anytime you’re not wearing them, and you’ll avoid damaging or scratching them.

Also, don’t let them in areas with high temperatures, like in the car on summer days, because plastic frames can warp.

Finally, yet importantly, never let them sit with salt water on their lenses. If you’ve been to the beach, even if your lenses look fine, make sure to rinse them with warm water to remove any trace of salt that may linger on the lenses. Otherwise, salt will act as an abrasive and potentially damage the lenses.


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