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How To Remove Oakley Lenses - Ultimate Guide

Oakley glasses are highly popular for all the right reasons. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re flawless. Whether you’re up for a change of lens for style reasons or you need an upgrade to better protect your eyes, there’s no need to buy new pairs. Instead, check the instructions from below and learn how to remove Oakley lenses. Rest assured, we’ve covered the most important models for you. If you need replacement Oakley lenses, you can find some new ones on Amazon here.


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Instructions on how to remove the Oakley lenses

  • First, take a look at your glasses and try to spot that switch sitting right next the left temple;
  • Use your thumb to push the switch down, with a gentle move;
  • Secure the lens by holding it with your thumb and index fingers;
  • Slowly pull it out of the now enlarged frame, beginning with the lens corner that is closest from the switch you opened;
  • Repeat the exact same steps for the other lens, too.


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The steps for installing new Oakley lenses on an old frame

  • Take the lens that you want to install and bring it over the frame;
  • Position it with the corner that will be closest to the nose;
  • Gently slide it inside the lens slot, to make it fit the frame groove;
  • Continue until you position the entire lens inside the frame;
  • With the lens in position, change the position of the switch next to the temple, bringing it upward, to lock the frame;
  • Repeat these steps for the second lens.


Special instructions for lens removal on an Oakley Flak Jacket frame model

If you have the Oakley Flat Jacket lenses, you may feel a bit nervous about replacing them in the best possible condition. Here’s how to pull it through:

  • Decide what lens you want to remove first;
  • Then, use one hand to hold the lens;
  • And bring the other hand to push the nose bridge with your index finger and the top of the frame with your thumb;
  • Next, you’ll have to simultaneously use your index finger to flex the nose bridge towards you AND use your thumb to push down the top of the frame;
  • With the hand you’ve been holding the lens throughout this time, you should be able to easily pull out the lens from the frame’s groove;
  • Go ahead and do the same thing for the other lens – second time it should be all much easier.


Special instructions for lens installation on an Oakley Flat Jacket frame model

  • Grab the frame and place it wit the temples toward you;
  • Grab the new lens;
  • Place it on top of the frame opening;
  • Align the inner lens tab with the groove of the frame;
  • Slide the lens up into the groove;
  • Hold the lens with a firm grip;
  • Use the thumb of your opposite hand to apply pressure along the top of the frame, to make the inner lens tab snap into place;
  • Repeat for the other lens, too.


Do you need help with the lens removal and installation on a pair of Oakley Half Jacket frame model?

To change the lenses on a Half Jacket Oakley pair, you must do the following:

  • Grab the frame by its temple;
  • Use one hand to grip the frame and the other hand to grip the lens;
  • Start pulling the lens tab out;
  • The lens should get out of the frame temple relatively easy;
  • Then, grab the new Oakley lens and fit the outer lens tab into the frame opening;
  • Align the inner lens tab with the groove of the frame, starting right from the bridge area;
  • Use your thumb to slide across the top of the frame, while holding the lens tightly;
  • When the inner lens tab snaps completely into the frame groove, you can repeat the process for the second lens.



Do you need help with changing the lenses on Oakley Racing Jacket & Split Jacket?

You’ll have to replace each lens at a time, and first identify the nose pad. This part will give you the flexibility to juggle with the frame and take out the old lens without any complications. So:

  • Put your hand on the nose pad, in the area near the bottom;
  • Gently rotate the pad upward;
  • Then, put your hand on the lower jaw;
  • Gently rotate that one, too, but do it downward;
  • Finally, remove the lens and repeat for the other part;

To install the new lenses, simply place them in the frame:

  • Make sure that you rotate the jaw upward, to close it;
  • And bring the nose pad downward, to close it, too;
  • Finally, snap the nose pad into the locked position.


Quick instructions on lens removal for Oakley M2, M Frame and the Pro M Frame models:

You’ll have to hold the frame by its center and pull out the lens from the middle:

  • Hold and squeeze the center of the frame;
  • Push up the lens, from the middle towards the corner;
  • When one of its corners will pop out of the frame, you can continue by lifting up the lens entirely;
  • Repeat for the other lens.


Quick instructions on lens removal for Oakley Rokr Pro

If you have the Oakley Rokr Pro model and want to take out one of its lenses, follow these simple steps:

  • Use one hand to grip the frame right by its temple;
    With the other hand, grip the lens;
  • Pull out the lens tab from the frame and remove it completely.


Quick instructions on lens removal for Oakley Radar

For removing the Oakley Radar lenses, you’ll need to work with the tabs from the nose bridge of the frame. Simply put, you must:

  • Pinch the tabs of the nose bridge, with two fingers;
  • Push the tabs inward;
  • Push the nose bridge upward, towards the top of the frame;
  • You should see the lens releasing from the top by its own;
  • Use your fingers to pull it down and then outward, to completely take it out of the frame.


Quick instructions on lens removal for the Oakley Radar Lock model

If you own a pair of Oakley Radar Lock glasses, here’s how to handle both the Oakley lens removal AND the Oakley lens installation in a jiffy:

For the removal part, you’ll have to:

  • Find the lock latch – it should be somewhere on the inside of the frame, next to the left temple;
  • Keep the lock and door in place, using your thumb and your index finger;
  • Then, push the lock and rotate the door in the opposite direction, to free up the lens;
  • While pushing the lock, also rotate the temple and the door at the same time;
  • Release the bottom area of the lens by pushing inwards the nose bridge;
  • Completely release the lens by rotating it towards the bottom of the frame.


For the new installation part, you must:

  • Bring the new lens and overlap it with the frame in its dedicated opening;
  • Start inserting the lens into the frame’s groove, beginning from the lens’ top corner;
  • Rotate the lens as much as it takes to have it sit entirely on the groove;
  • Finally, push the nose bridge toward the exterior, into the lens, and rotate the door to close the frame.

Following the details from this extended guide, you pretty much have all the information you need to remove Oakley lenses on the most popular models.


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