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What Is Asian Fit Oakley Sunglasses?

So, you know for a fact that you want to buy yourself a pair of Oakley sunglasses. What you don’t really know is what to choose between the Asian Fit and the Regular Fit, right?

Well, many people have this question of what is Oakley Asian fit. To give you the short answer, the Asian fit is a term used to describe a particular design style and size of the Oakley sunglass frames. The manufacturer made some changes from the initial Regular fit design, which led to enhanced comfort.

Note that the Asian fit Oakley sunglasses will bring extra comfort to people who are having a hard time finding a pair of sunglasses for their particular face shape. If you want to feel truly comfortable in any of your outdoor activities, you should focus on a lot more than the lens style, the type of tint, or the special coating it comes with. First, focus on how the frame is designed!

Below, we’ll give you the long answer of what is Oakley Asian fit. Read it carefully, and find out all the benefits that you, too, might be getting if you switch from the Regular fit Oakley style to the Asian fit style.


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The 3 essential differences between Oakley Asian Fit and Regular Fit are in:

  1. Nose bridge design
  2. Ear stems design
  3. Frame curvature

Now let’s take a closer look at each one.


The nose bridge design

The nose bridge in an Asian fit pair is intentionally designed deeper and narrower. As opposed to the Regular fit, this Asian model results in a cut that will better complement people with a less typical anatomy. If you often have issues in finding a pair of sunglasses that sit properly on your face, try the Oakley Asian fit.

This frame features longer nose mount pads, not to mention it gives you the option to choose a special nose pad size. With this design and this type of size flexibility, you have more chances to find a perfect frame for your face. And the S shaped arms add to this versatility, making even more room for comfy adjustments.


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The ear stems design

Oakley Asian fit models typically come with more rounded ear stems, which makes them better fit the head. If you’ve had original Oakley style sunglasses before and didn’t feel that the ear stems are too tight, this design detail may not make a huge difference to you.

There are, however, people who would like the ear stems to put less pressure on their head. And switching to the Asian fit style could make a world of difference to them.


The frame curvature

If your temple and cheeks are touched by the sunglass frame, expect this annoying situation to be less likely with the Oakley Asian fit sunglasses. These ones are less wide, with a less pronounced front curvature.

Perhaps it’s not as easy to understand the effect by simply reading the description. But trying a pair of Oakley Asian fit and then a pair of Regular fit will make you instantly spot the difference. Again, not all people have this issue, but those who know about it understand the difference that the frame curvature can make!


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