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How To Replace Lenses Of Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

Today, we continue our explanatory video series with helpful tips on how to repair Ray-Ban glasses by yourself. The model we have selected for this new tutorial is RB3016 Clubmaster.

Whether you’re an old-time fan of the brand or just starting to familiarize yourself with their products, you won’t help but notice that this is an exceptional icon of Ray-Ban.

Therefore, a lot of people want to learn how to change Ray Ban Clubmaster lenses. You, too, will be happy to find out that the process is straightforward. We’ll detail all the necessary steps below. Just make sure you also check the video tutorial, for a more comprehensive image of the process of how to replace lenses of Ray Ban Clubmasters


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How To Replace Ray-Ban Clubmasters lenses:

  • Set up a clean working area on your desk;
  • Bring your precision screwdriver, to have it at hand;
  • Begin by slowly unscrewing the screw from right under the eyebrow area of the frame;
  • You’ll reach a point where you can press the lens with your thumbs and remove it, without having to completely take off the screw;
  • Once the screw is enough loosened, gently press the lens and it should come out easily;
  • Place the new lens within the eyeglass ring;
  • Rotate the screwdriver in the opposite direction, to tighten back the screw;
  • Make sure that the lens snuggly fits the eyeglass ring while you tighten it all the way up.


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And that was it! Your lens is changed and your Rayban Clubmaster lenses is as good as new. Keep this tutorial at hand as reference point for other Ray-Ban models, too.

Just like you replaced the lenses of the Ray-Ban Clubmaster, you’ll be able to do the same with other popular models, like the RB2176, RB3016, RB4354, RB3507 etc.


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