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Ray Ban Nose Pads Replacement Guide

You deserve better than ugly, worn-out, and unattractive nose pads for your Ray-Bans. You can replace Ray Ban nosepads as soon as you feel they are not fitting your style. All you need is a precision screwdriver and a pair of pliers. You need to know how to protect your eyes from damage.


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How to Replace Ray-Bans Nose Pads:

  • Your glasses can be stored in a secure and private area.
  • Grab a precision screwdriver and a pair of scissors.
  • Once everything is in order, it's time for the actual replacement
  • Lay your Ray-Bans across the table. Choose one side to focus on.
  • The cloth should be used to cover the lens. The cloth should be used to protect the lens in case of mishaps.
  • Next take the screwdriver to remove the tabs holding the nose pads.
  • After you have taken out the first pad, you can place the second one in its place. Next, press the pad into the mount.
  • Use a screwdriver to tighten the nose pads until they are more closely together.
  • The steps can be repeated on the other side.


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Now you should be able change Ray-Bans arms and nose pads. We will be happy to help you change Ray Ban nosepads.

We sell a variety of screws to fit Ray Ban sunglasses. Please see these pages for all available Ray Ban Nose pads.